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Boise Flood Damage Restoration – Water Damage Cleanup – Water Extraction Services

Water damage and floods are a headache. Cleaning up the water is priority, but after that, you must inspect for residual water that may not be very easy to spot. Disaster Cleanup Services is equipped to handle all aspects of your water woes. If you’ve just had a flood of water from a burst pipe, or if a <a href=”/index.php/storm”>storm</a> caused your living room to fill with water, call Disaster Cleanup Services at 866-595-2433.

We understand that water damage is best handled quickly. Waiting to clean up the water and test for damage can make things worse and end up costing more money. It is very important that we act fast to minimize damage. That’s why when you call us at 866-595-2433, our Boise team will be on the way in under an hour to get the process started. No matter if your water loss is minute or massive, Disaster Cleanup Services has the tools and experience you need.

We serve all residential and commercial customers in the Boise and Treasure valley area. We know how to deal with water extraction, drying, and mold assessment. We can effectively clean and restore your home to a pre-loss condition in no time- all it takes is a phone call! Our water damage work is 100% guaranteed and we are dedicated to providing you with superior service.

Water Damage Services

  • Flood Cleanup
  • Emergency Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction
  • Wet Basement Cleanup

Water Extraction

If water is standing anywhere in your home, extraction is the first step. Our Treasure Valley emergency team will come to you in under an hour to extract water as quickly as possible. We are always on call and ready to respond to your needs. Water that is left standing for long period of time is more likely to be soaked into walls, insulation, floors, and subfloors. Protect as much of it as possible by calling Disaster Cleanup Services at 866-595-2433 now!

Water Restoration

Water extraction is an important first step, but we don’t stop there. In order to ensure your safety and the overall health of your home, we must inspect further. Each of our technicians knows how to inspect and assess for further water damage. Any residual water in walls, ceilings, or floors can safely and cleanly be removed. Our drying techniques are the best in the Boise area and guarantee that all affected areas are safe from mold and mildew growth.

Wet Basement Cleanup Experts

Disaster Cleanup Services has all the answers for wet basement cleanup in Boise. With over 20 years of experience, we understand that standing water in a basement can cause major problems. Wet basements can lead to problems in the drywall, insulation, and crawlspaces. The conditions of many basements also make them prime locations for mold and mildew. Stop the damage from spreading by calling our experts to come and assess the water damage in your basement. Remember, we service all residential and commercial customers in Treasure Valley, so give us a call today at 866-595-2433!